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Commander 1000R 1000 MAX Rebuild Kit Complete Top Bottom End Assembly Parts Set


ALL PARTS ARE AFTERMARKET. Wiseco or CP forged hi comp pump gas pistons. Nitrite coated hi temp piston rings. Crank assembly with rods and bushings assembled. Water pump shaft, impeller, gears, mechanical seal. Oil pump shaft, idle gears, rotors, seals. All parts are brand new. PRICES AND LISTINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. DO YOU MAKE A LIVING WORKING ON BIKES? ARE YOU A SHOP OR DEALER. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO […]

Commander Maverick 800 Rebuilt Motor Engine Complete Rebuild Parts Kit


91mm after market cylinders. Wiseco hi temp piston rings. Crank assembly with rods. Water pump mechanical seal. Water pump gear large. Water pump gears 15 tooth. Oil pump shaft with locator pin. Oil pump inner and outer rotors. Oil pump 38 tooth gear. Oil pump 33 tooth gear. Pistons use pump or race gas. Feel free to visit us on the web, give us a call, come in to our Upland, CA location. PRICES AND […]